Deputy governor Louis Kasekende together with directors at the bank of Uganda organized a press conference in the absence of the the Governor and they started  challenging the outcomes of the COSASE Committee  claiming that the outcomes of the report were”totally wrong”.

The question to ask is “WHY DOES HE ALWAYS COME OUT TO SPEAK TO THE PUBLIC IN THE ABSENCE OF THE GOVERNOR?” we want to find his motive. We would also want to know where he (Kasekende) was when all this mess was happening at the central bank because we are meant to believe that he was either part of the mess or he was less bothered by what was transpiring.

The public continues to gauge his ability and competence at the central bank since he did not detect the huge money laundering scandal at the institution where he is deputy governor.

It should be noted that the same deputy governor Bank of Uganda, Louis Kasekende recently wrote to the chairperson of the parliamentary committee on Commission of Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (Cosase) about tabled documents concerning his wealth.

Cosase chairperson Abdu Katuntu then revealed that he had received a letter from Kasekende dated December 14 requesting for information allegedly related to his wealth presented to the committee.

Katuntu said that he directed the clerk attached to Cosase to avail the information to Kasekende.

However, the Bugweri County MP then did not reveal reasons given by Kasekende in his letter as to why he requires looking at the documents that were presented by Aruu South member of parliament Odonga Otto.

A sub-committee of Cosase MPs was then set up to scrutinize documents listing assets allegedly owned by Kasekende.

The copies of 70 pieces of land and property allegedly owned by Kasekende and his proxies including driver and wife were tabled by Otto as the committee proceeded with investigations into the closure of seven commercial banks between 1993 and 2016 as highlighted in the 2017 forensic audit report by the auditor general.

Otto who accused Kasekende of engaging in profiteering, presented a list of 17 properties and land linked to Kasekende. He also accused the deputy governor of transferring 18 properties into the control of his driver Moses Musiitwa and 35 others into the names of his wife Edith Kasekende.

Otto also laid before the committee, bank statements of Edith – detailing transfer of funds from China Railway Corporation totaling to $1.6 million (about Shs 6bn) and another transfer into her account of Shs 1.9 billion from MMAKS advocates.

MMAKS advocates were the lawyers retained by the Bank of Uganda to provide transactional advice on the resolutions of Crane bank.

Otto stated that the declaration of wealth forms submitted by Kasekende to the Inspectorate of Government contain only six properties, something that requires investigation.

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