Victoria University Awards Miss Curvy winner and others with Scholarships

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Victoria University Awards Miss Curvy with Full Scholarship on tuition for overall winner and 70% scholarships on tuition for the remaining 24 contestants for our Masters, Bachelors, Diploma and Foundation programs and a free short course in Public Speaking and Presentation for all contestants.

The scholarships will be provided to only those contestants who have the entry requirements as per the National Council for Higher Education

Victoria University is a premium University accredited by the National Council of Higher Education and

Uganda Nurses and Midwifery Council. It stands out as a pivot of academic excellence, offering a fresh and intellectually thriving environment that nurtures critical and progressive thinkers. It’s a private university that

has been in existence since 2010 and stands out with a first class teaching environment.

Ruparelia Foundation through Victoria University is extending3 scholarship offers to the Miss Curvy contestants for our Masters, Bachelors, Diploma and Foundation programs under four faculties of; Health Sciences, Business and Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Technology and the Department of Petroleum and Energy Studies plus a free short course for each of the contestants.

Victoria University is set to admit and impart knowledge and skills to both local and international students as we extend a hand to the communities in need and also contribute to the government’s part in development.

We appreciate Miss Curvy for organising this event to appreciate the participants and plus size females.

Victoria University is happy to be partnering with Miss Curvy for purposes of enhancing career growth and positive life enrichment of the Miss Curvy contestants.

The University is awarding the overall winnerof the Miss Curvy with a 100% scholarship on tuition of any Degree, Diploma or Masters in addition to a free short course in Public Speaking and Presentation. The remaining 24 contestants will be awarded with a 70% scholarship on tuition in addition toa free short course in Public Speaking and Presentation.

Assoc. Prof. Krishna N. Sharma, Vice Chancellor of Victoria University said that, “our aim in partnering is to impart and provide knowledge to the contestants through the scholarships; this will result into career growth. He also said he appreciates the contestants’ leadership skills as they have come to this level after fighting many challenges including but not limited to bullying, body shaming etc.”

The Vice Chancellor of Victoria University further added that, “we are giving them free short courses in Public Speaking and Presentation so that they may effectively transfer their leadership skills, implant the message of having pride in who they are, inspire and motivate others who may be facing similar challenges what they have faced in the past.”

The key objectives of the scholarship is to extend our international standard of education, to promote equality in communities by supporting talented students to acquire the necessary academic qualifications, to promote entrepreneurship and skills in Africa that will help address the skills gap as well as the challenges of human capital development.

CEO of Miss Curvy Uganda Ms. Annie Mungoma summed up and said, “she appreciates that institutions such as Victoria University have come out with a cause of ensuring that the contestants are skilled and acquire

knowledge through the scholarships which they can take up in the desired degree of their choice. This will have direct impact and will enhance their career growth and have something to hope for in future”

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