Top city media boss whatsapp leaks soliciting for a bribe from a lawyer


A leaked  WhatsApp chat has exposed the greed and dubious business between a city online editor and an unidentified party who according to the leaked whatsapp is a lawyer.  The conversation  shows a plot to write and publish news content against Sudhir Ruparelia and his associates so as to tarnish their names.

The leaked WhatsApp conversation shows the self proclaimed media guru whose identity iS withheld reminding the party they address as “counsel” about “what we agreed on the previous weeks.”

“Sorry, I hadn’t got time to access the files but I will get you some detail about Sudhir’s daughter [Sheen Ruparelia] and Kalan’s involvement,” replied the counsel, believed to be a top lawyer in the country.

The lawyer represents DFCU Bank and is understood to have been behind a legal notice in which DFCU accused Sudhir’s son Rajiv Ruparelia of paying several online editors to run stories that exposed the rot within  DFCU and the central bank.

The  journalist goes ahead in the conversation to remind the lawyer how he was not paid in the previous dubious businesses.  “but I didn’t get paid as promised. Remember I did that story of a pseudo company he wired Shs160 billion to.”

We understand that the journalist in the leaked whatsapp chat is a terrible guy when it comes to doing dubious business for money. He is fond of writing articles of malice and intrigue  against people for money and we very well know that he has kept on surviving like that.

We as daily inspector can confirm that whatever has been written is not treachery information.

Meanwhile, the ‘counsel’ ended with telling the journalist that they were aware of the balance the editor was claiming and urged him to do more ‘campaign’ articles.

“Write another serious piece before Cosase submits report, find details on the other email. Don’t fear him,” the counsel told the journalist.

Cosase is the parliamentary Committee on Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises. It recently completed a highly charged probe into circumstance under which Bank of Uganda liquidated seven commercial banks in the last 25 years.

The probe saw several detail emerge that suggested there was deliberate connivance by central bank officials in the sale of commercial banks, including Crane Bank that was owned by property magnet Sudhir.

Crane Bank’s assets and liabilities were sold to dfcu Bank on the cheap and the businessman is understood to have taken the sale hard. He has since sued DFCU Bank and Bank of Uganda over the matter while his son Rajiv has also sued dfcu for defamation and leaking his personal contact detail.

The disagreements between DFCU and their lawyers and Sudhir and his family and associates have always been played out on the media arena with both sides rumoured to have recruited journalists to their sides.

Former Cosase chairman Abdu Katuntu is expected to submit a report on the Bank of Uganda probe to Parliament in coming weeks.

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