SK MBUGA: government played a big role for my release


City socialite Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga alias SK Mbuga who was in jail both in Dubai UAE and Sweden since January 2018 being released last weekend after being found not guilty of fraud by a Swedish court says the government has helped him overcome his woes.

Mbuga revealed in an exclusive interview that while he was held up in Jail during the first 6 months of his incarceration in Dubai UAE, he kept trying to find out which crime he had been arrested for and imprisoned for but the authorities were never clear.

As a result, Mbuga says he spent much of his time in jail combing through the available books of law he could come across enlightening himself on law around fraud which he was much later informed is the crime he  committed, extradition laws and treaties among other issues that were relevant to his case  so that he could help himself.

While all this was going on Mbuga says he wrote to the Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon Rebecca Kadaga informing her about his plight while in prison in Dubai and through her requested the government to offer him help to expedite his case and finally get justice.

“The Speaker contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which started to follow on my case and help me through our diplomatic missions in the Middle East and Scandinavian countries when I was taken back to Sweden where they say I committed the crimes,” he said.

As a result of the Uganda government’s intervention, the government of the United Arab Emirates transferred him to Sweden by road until he finally reached where he was to be charged. On a number of occasions, Mbuga says he was helped by the State Minister for International Affairs Hon. Okello Oryem who lobbied the other governments to expedite his case and made sure he was getting justice.

“This prompted the Judiciary on the other side to treat my case as a matter of urgency and luckily for me I had been self-studying the law so I was able to punch loopholes in the case they were building against me based on the unclear background of my arrest through to the time I was arraigned in court” he said.

Given his knowledge, Mbuga opted to reject a free lawyer provided by the Swedish government and liaised with the Ugandan embassy in the Scandinavia based in Denmark to help him get a private lawyer who would not be in collusion with his accusers (The Swedish State).

He emphasises that the Ugandan embassy in Denmark was of great help to him and he was able to walk away scot-free thanks partly to his growing knowledge of the law as he was able to point out to the Judge loopholes in his case like the fact that the charges had been amended a number of times which was a gross inconsistency on the side of the prosecutor.

The Prosecutor’s continued request for adjournments’ in the guise of doing further investigations that were never fruitful is also something he raised continuously while in the dock until the Judge realised there was no serious evidence to pin Mbuga setting him free as a result.

“Too many loopholes were showing in my case from the start as I spent the first 6 months in a cell with no charge and it got me thinking some people whom I am still trying to investigate and uncover were behind my arrest and incarceration for their own benefit without a real case to answer” he says.

Mbuga reemphasizes his gratefulness to the Speaker of Parliament, the State Minister for International Affairs, the diplomatic corps who helped him through this trial and the government of Uganda at large for the assistance extended towards him and other citizens in the diaspora having similar problems

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