Rajiv Ruparelia ready for Motor Sport, he unveils his monster Volkswagen car (Double Trouble)

double trouble (1)

Last Saturday the field of motorsport received yet another participant. Rajiv Ruparelia son to City tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia and Director Ruparelia Group of companies unveiled his monster car at Rock Bar located at Speke Hotel Kampala.

The businessman unveiled a Volkswagen Polo Proto which is a hybrid type car with a 2.0 litre engine and a turbo charger.  The monster car has four wheel drive, weighs 1100 kilogram and was built in Poland

Present at the unveiling function were Rajiv Ruparelia and wife Naiya Ruparelia, journalists, members of the business community, Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team fans and Dr Sudhir Ruparelia among other members of the motorsport fraternity like Ronald Sebuguzi, Dan Mubiru aka Kikankane, Desh Kananura, Ambrose Byona and Dipu Ruparelia.

Rajiv’s entry into motor sport comes as a surprise to many but it should be noted that the motor sport is within the Ruparelia family.

“You know we the Ruparelias do our things in a unique way,” Rajiv said when he was asked about his VW “Double Trouble” which was displayed for the viewers on Saturday night at Speke Hotel.

“We don’t do things like everybody else, we do things our own way. We want to make things more exciting and bring new ideas into the motor sport. When you start something you are not going to the top overnight. It is something that takes time. You need to learn your car, the rules and regulations and the tricks of the game. To me the end game this year is to finish every rally. If I can fininsh every Rally even if it’s not fast I don’t care”, Rajiv said while cladding in his racing team t-shirt, shorts and sandals.

Everything is now set for Mr.Rajiv to take on the top Ugandan rally drivers in the country like Jas Mangat, Ronald Ssebuguzi, Duncan Mubiru, Suzan Muwonge and Ponsiano Lwakataka.

We as Daily Inspector do wish him good luck in the new career he has taken.

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