Rajiv graduates to National Rally Championship, he gives motorsport industry rejuvenation and increased fan base


Just few months after joining the motorsport, Rajiv Ruparelia has proved his fans that he didn’t join the sport by accident.

Rajiv joined the sport in May this year and after only three months he has done wonders. He has competed in three Autocross events this season which is the entry level to active racing and he has finished in the top positions which is a requirement to graduate to National Rally Championship.

From the time of unveiling his beast “DOUBLE TROUBLE” up to now, Rajiv has secured himself a good number of fans thus attracting many fans to love the motorsport.

Rajiv’s car that won the Kapeeka Rally last Sunday

After last Sunday’s event in Kapeeka, Rajiv said that he was very excited for the win because it promoted him to another level.

“Leave aside the results today, I’m extremely happy that this event was my graduation event and I have completed it, which graduates me to challenge the big boys”, Rajiv said.

Autocross is used as a training ground for new drivers before joining competitions such as the NRC. Kapeeka was Rajiv’s third event with the first one being Sisa in Wakiso district in May where he finished second and Kayunga in June which he won.

Presiding over the function in Kapeeka. Gen. Saleh lauded the organisers of the event Motorsport Africa Club (MOSAC) for the good organisation and promised to support the sport.

The general was overwhelmed by the big turn-up of fans who braved the scorching sun and dust in the Industrial Park to cheer on the competitors.

“I want to thank the organisers for giving me the opportunity to interact with the youth and I pledge my support for your activities and I will foot all the administration costs today,” General Saleh noted before presiding over the prize-giving ceremony.

If all goes well Rajiv will take part in his first NRC event at the UMC Challenge Rally set for Fort Portal from August 31-Sept 1.

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