Kasekende, others trying to frustrate Auditor General further probing of Shs478b


Frustrated that Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (Cosase) has exposed them to the fullest, conflicted Bank of Uganda Deputy Governor, Louis Kasekende is not giving on finding alternative ways of trying to  fail whatever can stop of frustrate the probe over the sale of seven commercial banks.
The latest is that Kasekende is trying to use his proxy, Juma Kisaame formerly the Managing Dircetor of Dfcu and who as well is heavily implicated in the scandal to forge receipts and other accountabilities related to the said money so that they cover-up.
Kasekende’s driver is said to have driven documents to a top Naguru restaurant where he met Kisaame to who the documents were delivered. COSASE wants AG to establish how BoU team arrived at Shs478 billion in the receivership of Crane Bank and yet the CBL just want less than Shs30 billion for recapitalization.
Kasekende is also reported to be begging to meet the Speaker of Parliament in person and explain his position in the alleged accumulation of wealth and properties. He recently wrote to her office on the alleged transfer of money from MMAKS Advocates, Tororo District local government and China Railway, Mr Kasekende said the information relating to the three accounts “was based on false/forged documents.”
“A review of the documents received from Cosase reveals that all the information relating to the operation of the bank accounts in the joint names of Louis and Edith Kasekende or in the name of Edith Kasekende was based on false/forged documents. It is very unfortunate that such documents were submitted to support the allegations against me,” Mr Kasekende wrote.
The Deputy Governor said true statements can be accessed at Standard Chartered Bank either through the three-man committee or the Speaker’s office.
Mr Kasekende attached an email sent from Mr Moses Rutahigwa, the Acting Head Retail Banking at Standard Chartered Bank, to Ms Edith Kasekende on November 28 relating to social media posts about her bank accounts. Mr Rutahigwa reiterated that the accounts that had circulated on social media were not a reflection of Ms Kasekende’s accounts at Standard Chartered Bank.
However, sources within Inspectorate of Government say the inquiry into personal wealth of top BoU managers is alarming given that wealth doesn’t correspond with the salary.
Kasekende, Justine Bagyenda and   Benedict Sekabira shared most of the properties of closed banks and this explains why the three almost own posh properties in all the suburbs of Kampala.

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