Kampala Serena Hotel Management in Crisis


On one end Uganda’s leading five star hotel, Kampala Serena hotel hosts VVIP guests, International meetings and conferences and high end delegations from all over the world.

Being part of the Aga Khan Foundation, it boosts of international hospitality standards however on the other end they are not even able to take care of the basic needs, welfare and rights of their employees and there seems to be a huge bias on how they treat the management expatriate staff differently then the local employees.

This misuse and grantism towards Ugandan staff resulted in a strike at Kampala Serena hotel, couple of days back.

The situation got so intense that the company MD, Mahmoud Jan Mohamed had to fly in from the Serena group HQ to be able to take control of the situation.

The employees stopped work and gathered in the parking area to protest against the mistreatment directed towards them by the hotel management. Police had to be deployed an all entries and exits today control the staff.

The strike was directed towards the entire management especially the General Manager, Anthony Chege who has been enjoying the position and misusing its privileges over the last 8 years.

A little birdie told me that his salary is upward of UGX 250 million per anum

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