Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision as a Parent to make and we want to be able to help make this a straightforward process for you. We recommend that you visit our school, ask the questions important for you and of course see the school at work.

Kampala parents school has been a school of choice for many years. They work incredibly hard to ensure that every child is cared for and supported to achieve more than they thought possible. Standards are high, along with the goals we set ourselves, to be a dynamic school where talented staff challenge themselves to learn new skills and to create exciting learning opportunities for all children.

They work hard to achieve high standards in learning, offering many opportunities to learn creatively and explore imaginative ideas. Most importantly to us, children are encouraged to think deeply about their learning. Our staff work as a team, continually reviewing individual progress and exploring new strategies to inspire our young learners.

Your children are their top priority: They keep them at the heart of their work and aim to provide a successful and memorable educational experience.

For admissions call:

Principal: 0752 711911
Accounts: 0752 711 913
Deputy: 0752 711914
Admission: 0752 711792

or visit : www.kampalaparents.com.

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