Fresh Kid tops his class

fresh kid

While ending this term at Kampala Parents’ School (KPS), Fresh Kid alias Patrick Ssenyonjo was announced among the learners who topped the Primary Two in his stream.

The jubilating rapper went on his official social media handles and laughed out loud to those who mocked him when he joined KPS earlier this year. It should be remembered that many people criticized the young rapper for joining Kampala parents while others said that he could not manage the standard at the school.

For sometime, Frsh kid has been off the scene and we have come to learn that he had taken heed of the advise from the elders to take books very serious. The toddler singer had give music a break to concentrate on his books.

And as they say that what you sow is what you reap, the young rapper reaped what he sowed and after announcing his results he rushed to his social media and laughed at all those who could not believe what he had done when he joined Kampala Parents School.

“As I promised to work hard in class as well in music on this day when I was joining KPS, many were laughing at me, my English and my family,” Fresh Kid said.

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