Did Sudhir illegally give out loans to himself as claimed by hired Giles Muhame of ChimpReports and Fugitive Okwalinga in their last fake news ?

If yes, what are the specific details of these transactions; dates, amounts, companies, proof the he owns the companies etc. You expect the Auditor Generals report to have facts if it’s a real report, many times when we have these fact they act as evidence and we present them to make readers believe our intel, the good thing is that the author himself claims that this evidence is presented in court, if so why don’t you post court documents since they are public documents unless deemed not fit.

If true, What was the role of Bank of Uganda, loans are reviewed by BOU supervisory team, where was it when such activity was taking place if it happened anyway?

Muhame and Okwalinga go on to make a specific allegation that Sudhir gave himself loans Half the core of the bank Capital, it quite embarrassing to give such a specific detail and you only mention 9.5 billion shillings moreover without proof that Sudhir owns these companies. If true that 9.5billion was borrowed it was BOU’s own confession that Sudhir raised 20 billion only when told to recapitalize.  Doesn’t this raise serious questions of whether the author is not informed or just making misguided allegations as a hired goon.

Giles Muhame and his ChimpReports gave companies owned by former employees of Crane as evidence of insider trading, we wait to see if the law interprets these companies as Owned by Sudhir based on the past relationship of their owners.

Okwalinga made an assertion that Crane Bank went below the capital requirements simply because President Museveni withdrew money from it, this most recent allegation contradicts the previous one.

Who is therefore paying for these posts and of what interest.

While it’s important to stay smart in Uganda mafias, know how to find free things very quick, DFCU has accumulated unpaid rent dues a case that is being handled by the Commercial court. This case arises from a fact that another Sudhir company owns buildings that house former Crane bank branches this therefore means DFCU who is occupying these buildings must pay rent, mafias in DFCU and their lawyers want to assume ownership of these buildings, by so doing they have taken the route of threatening to cause a criminal prosecution against Sudhir if he continues to demand payment, they know it will not be easy so they think by going public this will keep the rich man away for a while as they exploit him.

ChimpReports alleges that Sudhir is battling fraud cases in the commercial court, hahaha there is no such fraud case in a commercial court, fraud are criminal matters handled in criminal courts, what is in the commercial court is Sudhir’s case against BOU and DFCU over their refusal to pay rent, and what he calls illegal take over of his Bank by Both DFCU and BOU.

It appears people are missing the important elements in this case, Crane Bank needed 157 billion, in two weeks Sudhir raise 20 billion and asked BOU to borrow him the remaining. In the process of asking for a Loan from BOU which would come with interest hence a benefit to the nation, Sudhir handed over titles of his personal businesses since he was the guarantor of this loan, BOU employees had other plans which included selling the bank to someone else at individual profit and using the situation to further steal from BOU and Sudhir.

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