New and shocking secrets of Makindye East Member of Parliament Ibrahim Kasoozi have leaked,

According to security sources, Ibrahim Kasoozi was for long time been spying for Uganda’s most wanted renegade cardiologist Dr Aggrey Kiyingi who is wanted on charges of terrorism, murder and financing subversive activities against the legitimate government of Uganda.

This security source narrated that Kasoozi who is also a member of COSASE committee of Parliament broke ties with Kiyingi after conning him 200,000 USD promising him to bankroll recruitment of rebels across the country to help in overthrowing president Museveni.

It is however revealed that after Kiyingi wired the money to the then broke fella, Kasoozi ran to former IGP Gen Kale Kayihura and narrated the ordeal about Kiyingi and all his associates.

This led to a security swoop under Kayihura’s command which saw tens of the suspects being rounded up in different parts of Kampala and are now languishing in Luzira prison.

It is further indicated that this angered others who escaped most especially Islamic extremists who later plotted to kill Kasoozi for betraying them after promising them hot air.

Ibrahim Kasoozi used the money and injected it in Makimdye East and successfully trounced Dr Ian Clarke.

**Forwarded as Received*”

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