Another worker Birungi Jannet suffering in Saudi Arabia, She calls for government intervention.


Just after days when state minister for youth and children affairs Nakiwala Kiyingi summoned two labour exporting companies over allegations of mistreatment of workers taken to countries in the Middle East after a video about a woman complaining about torture by her employer went viral, Daily inspector has landed on another Ugandan by names of Birungi Jannet who is also suffering in Saudi Arabia.

In a conversation that our correspondent had with Birungi she revealed on how the once admired job has become a curse in her life. She told us that she was taken to Saudi Arabia by a one labor recruitment  firm called BANTU ESTABLISHMENT located in Kitintale.

When she spoke to them (BANTU ESTABLISHMENT) about her mistreatment in Saudi Arabia, they seemed not to be interested in helping her come back to her mother land. We are told that the company that took her to Saudi Arabia wants a compensation of 4 Million Uganda Shillings in order to work on her coming back.

Birungi revealed to Daily inspector that her work schedule starts in the morning till morning. She does not get time to rest. Her boss treats her like a slave and having a nap is a taboo according to her boss.

A birungi who went with a jolly smiling face in now in dilemma and misery.

Birungi has tried all means to see that she leaves Saudi Arabia but all has been in vain. Sometimes her mobile phone is confiscated for months so that she does not speak to her people back in Uganda. She revealed that she was promised 900 Saudi Riyals (Ugx 899000)but now the salary was chopped to 700 Saudi Riyals (Ugx 699000)  simply because she is sick and weak to work.

Birungi Jannet’s contract in Saudi Arabia expires in April 2020 but she can not wait up to next year according to what she is going through.

She tried contacting the Uganda embassy in Saudi Arabia and she revealed to us that she talked with a one Ahmed Ssenyomo who referred her case to a one Aziz but up to now nothing has been worked upon in regard to her case.

We kindly call upon Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development, Minister of State Youth & Children Affairs Hon. Nakiwala Kiyingi and the Foreign affairs ministry to engage with the Embassy of Uganda in Saudi Arabia to help bring back Birungi Jannet to Uganda while still alive.

We inform Ugandans that there are over 100 private recruitment companies licensed by government as at 20th September, 2018. The list has been published by the coordination office, ministry of internal affairs for prevention of trafficking of persons.  Licensed companies include;

  • Middle East Consultants Limited (Plot 21/31 Tank Hill Road, Muyenga)
  • 2Niles Public Relations Agency Limited (Plot 1846, Omulen Close, Nsambya, opposite Human Rights House)
  • The Gideon’s Men Ltd (Plot No. 31/47 Port Bell Rd, Luzira)
  • Normandy Company Uganda Ltd (Plot 136, Bukoto Street, Kamwokya
  • G. Security Group Limited (Plot 3676, Magoba Lane, Kisugu)
  • Security Link Limited (Plot 126, Sentema Rd, Bulange Mengo)
  • Ham Property Services and Management Limited (Bakuli, Hoima Rd, opposite Old Kampala Primary School)
  • Maghrib Agencies Limited (Plot 161 Entebbe Road, Najjanankumbi Stella opposite Nyondo)
  • Saracen (U) Limited P.O. Box 22693, Kampala 38 Rotary Avenue, Lugogo Bypass
  • Tirajo Employment Agency Limited (Plot 29, Ntinda-Nakawa Rd)
  • International Employment Linkages (U) Limited (Plot 173, Mutesa II Rd Ntinda)
  • Competitive Manpower International Limited (Beta House, Kigowa, Ntinda)
  • Round-Off International Limited (Seguku)
  • Mobile Labour International Limited (Unik House, Kyaliwajjara – Namugongo Road) 
  • Horeb Services (U) Limited (Mbogo House, Wankulukuku opposite Kitebi SS)
  • Axis Warriors Limited (Plot 22, Bunyonyi Drive, Bugolobi-Kataza)
  • Reliable Logicians Uganda Limited (Plot 2010/2012, Portbell Rd, Luzira)
  • SWATT Services Limited (Plot 678, Kiwempe Road, next to Wonder World, Kansanga)
  • Al-Madinah Agency Limited (Bukoto, Near Bukoto Heights)
  • True North Consult Limited (Plot 2A Neptune Avenue, Port Bell Road, Mbuya)
  • Verdant Pastures Agency (U) Limited (Lubaga Road)
  • Eskom Link Limited (Bamako Arcade, Entebbe Rd)
  • KHM International Consultants Ltd. (Kibuga Block 101/393, Mengo Nabulagala Road).
  • Global Manpower Solutions.U. Limited (Plot 4605 Kiwatule Rd, Buye – Ntinda)
  • Essential Communications Limited (Plot 251, Buye Ssempagala Zone, Ntinda)
  • Malisu Apollo Investments Limited (MTAC Building – Nakawa)
  • Spin Labour Consultants Limited (Mengo)
  • Trustin Company Limited (Mutungo Zone 4)
  • Amiyal Sefer Limited (Kamuli Road, Kireka)
  • Golden Arm Limited (Mugerwa Close, Gogonya Road, Nsambya behind Joint Medical Stores)
  • Alasker International Limited (Plot 86, Lubaga Road)
  • Augustine International University Limited (Bunga Hill)
  • Archeris New Limited (Seguku, Entebbe Road P.o. Box Entebbe)
  • Raama Africano (U) Limited (Plot 6487, Katuso Rise, Buziga)
  • ABS Consulting Group Limited (Pilkington Road, Workers House 9th Floor)
  • Cella Investments Limited (Ssempagala Road, behind Life Link Medical Centre)
  • Bright Star Creations International Limited (Plot 89 Bukoto Street)
  • Jericho International Uganda Limited (Luwum Street, Kizito Towers, 4th Floor)
  • ISAB International Limited (Plot 1447, Block 10 Kayiwa Village, Namirembe)
  • Tusano Combined Uganda Limited (Plot 149, Rubaga Road, Access Building)
  • Alsalam Logistics & Consultancy Limited (Plot 023, Dr Sembeguya Road, Kawempe)
  • Provio International Limited (Bukoto-Kisasi Road)
  • Ridar Uganda Limited, Bukoto Kampala
  • Creative Group International Limited (Sentema Road, Mengo)
  • Afrisky International Limited (Plot 882 Kisasi Road)
  • Jabez Consultants Limited (Plot No. 208, Bombo Road, Ketifalawo Zone – Kawempe)
  • Alkareb Limited (House No. 2, Kasalina Estate-opposite Mengo Hospital)
  • Greener Pastures Overseas Consultants Limited (Kabalagala opposite Shell Petrol Station)
  • Explorer Dubai Limited (Namugongo, Old Kira Road)
  • Ez Visa Kampala (Plot 26, Wampewo Avenue, Bakwanye House
  • Al-Saud Agency Limited (Kibuye, Salama Road)
  • Taiba Manpower Agency Limited (Plot 430, Kyadondo, Bweyogerere)
  • Triple World Group (U) Limited (Mutesa 1 Road-Mengo)
  • Six Stars International Limited (Plot 30A, Bombo Road)
  • Mariba Agencies Limited (Colvile Street, Shumuk House)
  • Protectorate S.P.C (U) Limited (Plot 3, Bukasa Road)
  • Amazing Grace Labour Services Limited (Mwesige Road, Kyaliwajjala, Namugongo)
  • Swift International Recruiters Limited (Busabala Stage, K & M Complex, Suite No. 11, 3rd Floor)
  • Marphie International Recruitment Agency Limited (Plot 200, Kampala Road)
  • Al Quarashee Co. Limited (Plot 115/116, Nsalo Road opposite old Kampala Primary School)
  • Labour World Connect Limited (Oasis Mall, Yusuf Lule Road)
  • Elfirsan Group Limited (Luthuli Avenue)
  • Prime Linkages Limited (Plot 847 Mbogo Road, Kawempe)
  • Doxa Connections Limited (Cecilia Road, Senfuma Close Mutungo Zone II)
  • Great Lakes HRM Limited (Plot 39A, Lumumba Avenue, Mukwasi House Room 4, 4th Floor)
  • Derm Logistics Uganda Limited (Plot 47/49 Nkrumah Road, Cooperative Alliance Building)
  • Professional Recruitment Services Limited (Along Nsambya Gogonya Road) (Suspended)
  • Premier Recruitment Limited (Crane Bank Chambers Road, P.O Box 3673, Kampala
  • Rangers security Limited
  • Elite Winners Agencies
  • Tempcro International Limited Kawuku Kisubiro, Kisubi Rd
  • Khaleej Agencies Limited, Workshop Road, P.O Box 433, Jinja.
  • Falcon Manpower Ltd, Naigaga Complex, Bugolobi, PO Box 25562, Kampala.
  • Fresh Mind International Limited, Nalukolongo Road, P.O BOX 5633, Kampala (Suspended)
  • Dream Connect Limited (Kisugu/Kibuli-Kibazo Road, P.O Box 5279, Kampala
  • Macro Manpower Limited (Parliamentary Avenue Plot 4 E-cobank Plaza, P.O Box 20051, Kampala)
  • Elite Placements Consulting Limited (Plot 7755, Block 244 Muyenga-Kironde Road, P.O Box 3695, Kampala (suspended)
  • Sipi Contours Company (U) Limited, S.K House, Plot 397 Block 232, P.O BOX 26693, Kampala,
  • Rokas Recruitment Services Limited, Makindye Lukuli Road, P.O BOX 17873 Kampala, (Suspended)
  • Ambatt Recruitment Company, Bweyogere, Jinja Road, P.O Box 30640, Kampala
  • Time Corp International Placements Limited, Entebbe, Plot 1A Berkley Road, P.O Box 300, Entebbe
  • Empowerage International Ltd, Ntinda Rd PO BOX 24962
  • Progressive Workers World Wide, Plot 345, Kisubi Entebbe Road, P.O Box 487177, UAE
  • Labour Frontiers International Limited, Sekabaka Road Wakaliga, P.O Box 1604, Kampala,  (suspended)
  • The Eagles Supervision Limited, Plot 728, Mengo, P.O Box 11799, Kampala,
  • Q-Sourcing Limited, Plot 14116, Semawata Road, Ntinda P.O Box 12883, Kampala.
  • Serveu International Recruiting Agency, Kiteezi, P.O Box 31340, Kampala
  • Bantu Establishments Limited, Mutungo P.O Box 25556, Kampala
  • Forbes Enterprises Limited, P.O Box 10924, Kiwatule, Kampala
  • Kamwe Trading Company, (P.O BOX 37252, Bukoto-Froebel Road, Namuli zone, Kampala
  • Kazi Masters Limited (P.O. Box 33199, Kampala. Sir Apollo Kagwa Road)
  • Harchar International Labour Agency (P.o. Box 3593, Kampala Plot 382, Limuli cell Kitende) Entebbe Road
  • Top Notch Recruitment Services (U) Limited (P.o. Box 9415, Kampala Plot 1129, Block 24, Nsibambi Road)/ Tel: 0781223120, 0200908802/
  • Atilis Job Mart Uganda Limited P.O Box 6939, Kampala street: Wamala Road
  • Enjazi Limited P.O. Box 12416, Makindye, Kampala
  • High Ground International Ltd O. Box 692, Kampala Plot 2505 Kulambilo street
  • Time master, P.O. Box 34600, Kampala: Brian Twine
  • Elfaeed Company Limited P.O. Box 3507, Kampala
  • Afrisun International U Limited Plot 308, Kampala Kabusu, Ggomotoka Road
  • Almared Agency for Recruitment and Consultancy Limited Lugara
  •  Fly International Jobs (u) Ltd, o.Box 9415 Namuwongo, Kampala
  • Desert Tresure Limited P.O. Box 33804, Kampala, Ntinda Kigowa
  • BM Forex Workers Limited P.O. Box 22139, Kalema Road, Kampala
  • Shukran Habib Consultants Limited, P.O. Box 12877, Northern By-pass, Kampala.
  • Atlas Impex Limited, P.O. Box 6624, Matyrs Way, Kampala Uganda



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