A cry of a disgruntled DFCU Client.


DFCU has been and is still my bank for over 4 years. At first I enjoyed their services very well and I would recommend everyone who wanted to open an account to DFCU.

They had good customer care which would be exhibited to me whenever I would enter into their banking hall.

Things about this bank changed when they took over crane bank. I do not know if I am the only one having issues with DFCU but I know there are very many clients out there who are having similar problems like me.

It seems DFCU ate what they could not swallow. They got choked by crane bank swallowing.  For example, ever since crane bank was swallowed services at some if not all branches deteriorated. I normally use the branch in Mukono but whenever I go to the ATM machine it doesn’t have money. Going inside to line up is also another piece of hell as the workers are always few compared to the number of clients in the lines.

With my tight working schedule, I usually do not want to spend 10 minutes in the bank. I have a DFCU VISA card but their machine is always having problems. Like any other wise person, I have always resorted to using other banks since I hold a DFCU VISA card.

But also with this method of using other banks with my DFCU VISA card has rendered me problems.

I went to DFCU Sir Apollo Kaggwa to withdraw money but due to their poor services, I did not get money from the ATM. The service was down.

I went to a DTB bank where I inserted my VISA card and it was swallowed. The staff at this bak told me that within 24 hours my DFCU VISA card would be sent to Jinja Road crown house DFCU bank. I waited for 24 hours and my card was not at crown house. I was referred to my branch at Kampala Road and the card was not there. They tossed me from Kampala Road branch to Sir Apollo Kaggwa branch, to Kawempe branch then to Kyadondo which is the headquarter. In all these branches I was not helped to recover my swallowed card.

I was advised to report a lost card and request for a new one and also ask for the cancellation of the lost card a thing which I did at DFCU mukono Branch. All this I did towards the end of last year.

Surprisingly I was offered two (2) other VISA Cards and I was told to use one and keep the other. Why would I be given two VISA Cards on one account?, anyway, I did as I was told. From last year I have been using the card that was given to me very well though at times services at the Mukono branch are poor especially the ATM. Always when you walk there, the machine has no money or one machine is working and the other is faulty.

Last month (June) I realized an unusual deduction of money from my account. I did not take it serious since the money being deducted was minimal.

What I called minimal continued to happen and this time the deductions increased from 68,000 to 190,000. What shocked me, I went to withdraw 300,000 Shillings from my account and I was told that I had insufficient balance yet I had kept a lot of money on my account.

I immediately went inside the banking hall and asked for a statement of all my transactions from June to present.

I was shocked when they told me that someone was using my lost card. Remember I had instructed the Mukono branch to block this card and they had offered me other (2) two cards.

It is at this moment that I realized that the lost card DFCU had failed to block it and someone was using it for online business and he/she had deducted all my monies from my account.


  1. When a VISA Card is reported lost why do you go ahead to replace it without blocking the lost card?
  2. When I requested for the blocking of my lost VISA Card why didn’t you block it.
  3. How can one bank account hold (3) three active VISA Cards at the same time.
  4. Who is to compensate me for the deducted monies from my account

I need answers to the above questions from DFCU bank and I think I should take a legal action about this institution because all the staff members are in a slumber state.

If you can look at what has been happening at this financial institution from 2016, then I think my argument holds water.

Look at:

  • The way crane bank was swallowed by DFCU
  • The way top managers and other staffs have exited this financial institution
  • The many complaints by clients about the disappearance of their money from their accounts.
  • The way the robbers raided the mbarara branch and disappeared with huge sums of money
  • The way the DFCU officials shamelessly appeared before COSASE with fake documents and they were thrown out.
  • The way the officials at this bank connived with Justine Bagyenda to keep Crane bank’s bad loan books a secret
  • How they have been sharing clients confidential information to the public

Just this concluding week, the institution has been all over media about the disappearance of clients’ money equating to over 10 Billion Uganda Shillings and this is said to have been done by hackers.

One wonders the kind of security systems the financial institution has.

If you have had a worst experience about this bank kindly share it.

For God and my Country.

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