When you should talk to your children about sex, according to a parenting expert


When it comes to talking to children about sex, parents are often under the impression that a “birds and the bees” conversation carried out during their child’s early teenage years will suffice. However, parenting experts actually advise having the conversation much earlier – and spreading it out over multiple discussions. According to parenting expert Michele Borba, who spoke to The Independent, to effectively educate children about sex and ensure they feel comfortable seeking advice from their parents, it is important to start the conversation as early as two years old.…

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President Museveni opens 64th CPC, calls for cooperation


President Yoweri Museveni officially opened the 64th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in Kampala on Thursday with a call to Commonwealth nations to mutually promote investment, security, cultural exchanges and trade. “In my view, the Commonwealth countries, in substance, are democratic countries albeit with variation in form – and this is a great achievement,” President Museveni told delegates in Uganda’s capital Kampala. “Secondly, the Commonwealth countries could use their numbers (2.5 billion) to mutually promote investment, work together on security, work on cultural exchanges and also examine the options on trade without…

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Uganda projected to become Africa’s Next Cannabis exporter


Uganda is projected to become the next cannabis hotshot of the African continent. Foreign capital has been flowing in to launch the new industry. So, much hangs in the balance as the country’s cabinet weighs changes to the criminal code allowing cultivation to proceed. There appears to be a tension between the lure of a lucrative new agro-export sector and a conservative political culture in a traditionally authoritarian country. The government is now in the process of reviewing colonial-era laws that prohibit production of cannabis. The license for Together Pharma,…

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